She Knows What I Want

Grupo: Omenin
Álbum: [Desconhecido]
Ouça o som:   tocar tocar tocar

She knows what i want
But it can not see
I want your pieces
I want to believe
But i can not fuck the world to please her
Front face me, hate me in front
I would finish the night with you
I'm here because i want to know the truth
I know you want to enjoy the night
But i'm not give a fuck i want to fight
I think little for his family
Let me sing, hey set me free
My mistakes you make ridiculous
Because they find the big glamorous
I'll fuck your bitch by the sound
I am sure that safe and simple way now
Listen bitch like that is so
Listen bitch that's how i know
Ref 4xbis
She is scared
The game
Just begun baby
Listen now
The fury of the state

I'm crazy, crazy for god i'm crazy
Looking for someone that has no face
Beautiful, lyrical, miracle? no!
Leave all your money and go
What you have to offer me?
What you have against me?
Greed died his soul
Things are so cold
Set aside the pride
Be real and stop being a lie
Begins to dance
This is your chance
To be less sucker
Understand my love
Understand my love
You had a chance motherfucker

Ref 4xbis
She is scared
The game
Just begun baby
But today, things become more difficult for you, even for a person who has no character is not? she is scared of the game!
She knows what i want, so i do not want to look
She thinks i've lost my luck
Is trying to beat me, but i am warrior
Not rest until i get my victory
I pray for my friends who help me
I want everyone waving to me
Another thing, when i talk about music?
I think you better get away to a clinic
From what i know will go into depression
Stop being greedy and learn that lesson
The poor over here with you baby
It's all over and she is scared of the game

Ref 4xbis
She is scared
The game
Just begun baby
She is scared of the game!

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